BrakeLight modul for BMW K1600 Grand America


Safety BrakeLight modul, changes the rear brake light on the TopCase, to combined daylight and brake light with safety flashing function.

It serves as an element to increase the safety of the rider on a motorcycle.

Main advantages of the modul:

  • Better visibility during riding day or night
  • Better visibilty of the biker from behind even from a truck or a bus
  • The function of daytime rear light during the day, the brake light is on 20% of the intensity of the original brake light
  • If the brake is applied for more than 3 seconds, the module automatically one time flashes for better information of the driver behind the motorcycle and did not accidentally look in front of him when the motorcyclist started to brake

The module can easily be switched to the mode of the normal factory function of the brake light function.

Easy assembly takes about 30 minutes for a skilled mechanic.

The BrakeLight module can be used to install motorcycle models:

  • BMW K 1600 Grand America (2018-2022)
  • BMW K 1600 Grand America (2023)

We ship to all countries of the world. If the system does not offer you the option of shipping to your country when ordering, please write me a message at

148.00 €

For customers who buy the BrakeLight module and come in person, installation is free!